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  • Dundee
    N56:27:41(56.461423), W2:58:05(-2.968117)
    Population: 154674

    Dundee originally called Alectumis the fourthlargest city in Scotland, with a population of 143,090. However, if outer districts such as Monifieth, Birkhill and Invergowrie, joined physically but not politically, are counted, the number is around 170,000. It is located on the north bank of the River Tay's estuary and so is near the east coast and the North Sea

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    Local Authority: Dundee City
    Constituancy: Dundee East
    Commute Work Area: Dundee

    Approx 'As-Crow-Fly' Distances
    57.8 m, 93.0 km
    36.3 m, 58.4 km
    64.4 m, 103.7 km
    84.8 m, 136.4 km
    18.4 m, 29.6 km
    44.0 m, 70.8 km